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Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Cups

Makes 15


I don't have anything remotely interesting to say today. Unless you are fascinated by how much I love swimming in my neighbor's pool. The water feels like it has little beads of magic all through it - if you love to dive in cold oceans like me then you'll understand the feeling i'm trying to describe. I got out of the pool yesterday, ate one of these butter cups in the evening sun, and my life felt so beautiful. I cannot describe how worth the effort these little guys are. The vegan caramel is absolutely beyond good and it is so simple (who knew??). So please, go put on a podcast and make some caramel peanut butter cups. It's a little finnicky but worth the hassle I assure you.



  • 1 cup of chocolate chips (54% cocoa)

  • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil

  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon

  • 1/2 a cup of maple syrup

  • 1/3 of a cup of coconut cream

  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla

  • 1/2-2/3 of a cup of peanut butter

  • Flakey salt,

  • 1/2 a cup of chocolate chips (54% cocoa)

  • 15 mini cupcake cups


  1. Melt the 1 cup of chocolate down. I do this by placing the chocolate in the microwave for 1 minute then leaving it to sit for 1 minute. Stir it and put it in the microwave for another 30 seconds. Continually stir it until it is all melted. Melt in 30 second bursts if all the chocolate chips haven't melted after the first two microwave stints.

  2. Stir in the coconut oil, cinnamon, & a large pinch of flakey sea salt.

  3. Fill the cupcake cups with the melted chocolate & swirl it around to make sure you cover the cups in chocolate, then tip them upside down to let the excess tip out. You don’t want the chocolate to be too thick. This is a little tedious but just be patient with it!

  4. Place the cups in the fridge/freezer for 10 minutes.

  5. Meanwhile, gently simmer the maple syrup & coconut cream together in a small pot and stir continually for 7 minutes to make the caramel. It should be thickened but not burning! Add vanilla and a pinch of sea salt once you take it off of the heat.

  6. Pour the caramel into a piping bag or bowl. And spoon the peanut butter into a piping bag or bowl.

  7. Fill half of one cup with the peanut butter and the other half with the caramel. Repeat with all of the cups.

  8. Set them in the freezer for 10 minutes.

  9. Melt the other 1/2 a cup of chocolate & spoon a little bit over the cups and spread it out gently but make sure to get any excess off (so you have a thin chocolate shell)

  10. Place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes and enjoy!

Stay Salty,

Romy xx

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